Change my vehicle
The insurance company you incepted your policy with was the most competitive at the time for the vehicle you have now. Not all insurance companies insure all cars and some cars are rated differently by different insurers. If you are changing your car we will need to make sure the car you’re thinking of buying is acceptable to your insurance company and if so, whether you will get a refund or need to pay any extra. If your insurer is not able to cover your new vehicle, we will check the cost of a new policy with the other insurers that we deal with.

Change my address
Insurance companies have their own ratings for every postcode in the UK. Generally these ratings are based on claims statistics at each postcode and the surrounding area. Some insurers will only quote for what they perceive as a low-rated area, where fewer claims have occurred, and some will quote for any area. The more claims that are recorded increases the risk to the insurer and therefore premiums will be higher. Likewise if very few claims happen it is a lower risk to the insurer and premiums are cheaper.

We need to make your insurance company aware of your new address so your policy remains valid. If you fail to make your insurer aware of your new address they could refuse to pay your claim.

Add a driver
Everyone is different and as such insurance companies look at many different factors when they work out how much premium they need to collect from you. When it comes to drivers they look at things such as; how old you are, your length of residency, your marital status, any medical conditions that have to be disclosed to the DVLA, how long you’ve held your licence, what you do for a living, the industry you work in, your driving history, claims and motoring convictions, and so on. All these aspects about a driver help the insurance company to calculate your premium.

If you would like to add a driver onto your policy, either temporarily or permanently, we’ll need to collect this information about the driver to see if your insurer can cover the driver and if so, how much it will cost.

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